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We are two people, a man and wife team, who like to eat, Michelle and Harold Stephens. Michelle is Thai/Filipina and Steve is a long time resident of Thailand, having first arrived in 1961. Readers may remember us from Outlook in the Bangkok Post where we had a weekly travel page for more than ten years. We not only traveled to every corner of Thailand, dining on local food, but also to nearly every country in the world, sampling the food there.
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It's All There, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and Thai, at the Rembrandt

You want Italian food, then you have to chase all over Bangkok to final a restaurant; the same for Indian food; for Mexican you don’t have much of a choice, as there are few such eateries in Bangkok; for Thai, that certainly is no problem. Thai restaurants are all over Bangkok, but what about a good restaurant?

There is an answer, the Rembrandt Hotel in downtown Bangkok.

Pattays' Rimpa-Lapin: A Restaurant with a View and Good Food

Beautiful sunsets are a sailor’s nourishment after a long day at sea but they are even better when you can enjoy a great sunset from land. When I was sailing my schooner around the Pacific I sailed up the Gulf of Siam from Singapore to Bangkok stopping in Pattaya. My good friends Connie Mangskau and her daughter Joanna Cross invited me and my crew to stay and rest for a few days at the family beach-house just south of Pattaya.

For the best of Italian food there's Alfredo's in Rome or Angelini in Bangkok

Alfredo's where we once ate is a tiny restaurant in Rome and we would suggest anyone who wants a superb Italian meal to go there. But if you are not up to spending a pocket full of money for a round-trip air ticket and for other expenses like hotels and taxis we have another idea. Go down to the Shangri-La on the River of Kings which you can reach by river taxi or Sky Train and dine at Angelini. The food there is as great as anything you can get in Italy and there's no air fare. And their chefs they are always right out of Italy.

Sala Rim Naam: Thai Cuisine at its Best

The Sala Rim Naam is The Oriental Hotel's signature Thai restaurant which has recently been transformed into a mini royal palace serving fine Thai cuisine. The new addition is the Sala Rim Naam Lounge, an open-air pavillion, adjacent to the restaurant overlooking the splendid Chao Phraya River.

Bangkok's Indus Restaurant: Indian Fare at its Best

I don't know how Sid Sehgal did it, a graduate with a degree in economics from New York University, and then editor of Look East magazine in Bangkok. Not bad for a guy in his early 20's. And then what do you know! The next thing I heard, he was planning to open a restaurant. Certainly someone in his family publishing business must have told him that a degree in economics and the experience as a magazine editor don't actually qualify to run a restaurant. But then maybe they knew something the rest of us didn't.

Prachak Restaurant - The Best Noodle Shop in Bangkok

It isn't good decor that makes good dining and the Prachak Restaurant on New Road in Bangkok will prove that. There's nothing fancy about the place -- no banners no signs in English and no fancy displays to lure customers. It's only by word of mouth that you hear about the place. Once you eat there you discover why. You will want to tell everyone about your great discovery. Located at 1415 New Road (aka 1415 Charoen Krung) down at Bangrat market I have been going there for lunch for decades. It's always a bit crowded but that doesn't matter.

Bangkok's China House Restaurant at The Oriental Hotel

In a country in which about a third of the population is Chinese you know you will find good Chinese food and Bangkok is no exception. There are many private Chinese restaurants around town and many of the better hotels specialize in Chinese cuisine. In fact name a five-star hotel and it's certain to have Chinese Restaurant. One that caught my fancy when it opened in 1990 was the China House at the Oriental Hotel located in a private house next to the hotel. The colonial-style house in fact was built a century ago for a wealthy Chinese merchant.

Catering to the super-rich at 60 dollars a drop in Bangkok

Mick Elmore is a writer and friend and he thought that readers of my BangkokRestaurant Reviews might find the below story interesting. It's being billed as a million-baht(29 000-dollar) meal but the organizer said there are plenty ofpeople who can afford it and Thailand should cater to theirexpensive tastes. In fact 15 people have reserved plates for the Saturday dinnerand they are still taking bookings the managing director ofChallenge Hospitality and organiser of the event Deepak Ohri toldDeutsche Presse-Agentur dpa Friday.

Picollo Restaurant

Bangkok has no shortage of good Italian restaurants. In fact Italian must top the list of European restaurants in the City of Angelinos. Many are good so the competition is stiff and the standards high. Picollo is among these top Italian restaurants offering northern Italian cuisine with a Thai flare. It's situated in its own private house on the grounds of the Royal Princess Hotel. The restaurant came as a complete surprise to Michelle and me. We went to the Royal Princess Hotel late one afternoon to meet with its general manager Khun Pornthep.

Learn to Dine with the Natives when You Travel

A secret to enjoying travel is to learn to dine with the natives. But it isn't always easy. Of course if you are going to Paris dining with the natives there can be quite pleasant. Let me give you an example. I had a friend in Paris who lived there and wanted to impress me with his knowledge of French food. He insisted we go to a restaurant in the Bois de Bougine for a "Food from the Hunt" meal. It was a meal I could never forget.


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